SOC as a Service


Anti virus, firewall and all security devices have been a backbone for many big company to protect their business from cyberattack. But in reality, these devices become a vulnerability that can be attacked. Many cyberattack occurred because security devices outdated and also data breaching occurs within the organization

Organizations, especially large ones, need to protect sensitive information and data to remain competitive and secure. This includes data about their employees, partners, clients and more. With the growing number of cyber crimes, threats, and attacks, protecting your operations is a continuously evolving and challenging task.  Investing in and managing a Security Operations Centre (SOC) is today a crucial element of your network security.

A SOC can protect against cybersecurity threats by monitoring, detecting and responding to incidents within your network infrastructure. However, setting up and managing an independent SOC is expensive as it requires technological expertise, equipment, and 24/7 resources to be able to constantly monitor network activities and respond in time.  

Bluefoxstarlight is a comprehensive SOC offering that is fully staffed, professionally managed, and equipped with the latest technology to provide 24/7 monitoring of your network.  The SOC is equipped to detect, mitigate and resolve cybersecurity threats and/or attacks that might be attempting to access your network. Our experts analyse trends and work with your team to constantly test and strengthen your network. The WatchTower365 offering can be easily customized to your operations and aligned to the specific environment and issues that are unique to your organization.



Bluefox Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a set of tools and services that offers...


Cybercriminals use many tactics to avoid traditional defence measures when infiltrating an organization’s network without getting detected


Every day, organizations are at the risk of potential threats, most of which might not cause any damage but still need to be investigated


With the increase in cyber attacks every year, organizations sometimes aren’t even aware of system breaches and often, by the time...


As we implement our Business Continuity plans and reset our corporate priorities to deal with...


Organizations are in a better position to defend against insider and outsider threats when they have full visibility into data...


Access to skilled cybersecurity experts equipped to deal with evolving cyberthreats and attacks.

24/7 monitoring of your network to ensure that breaches are identified and resolved immediately.

Stress free management of security incidents and investigations.

Fully functional & equipped operations with regular testing and reinforcing of your network security.

Provide legally admissible evidence in case of serious security breaches that require legal recourse.


As an AT&T Cybersecurity MSSP partner, we help deliver managed security solutions to small and mid-size businesses and markets. Its simplicity, reliability, and value make AT&T the perfect choice to power our managed security offering. AT&T Cybersecurity helps tailor service-offerings to customer needs with flexible, scalable deployment options, across cloud and on premises infrastructure. It saves time and reduces overheads through centralized monitoring and alarm investigation across federated customer deployments. It accelerates compliance management with pre-built compliance reports for PCI DSS, HIPAA, and more.

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